Video attracts people aattention by 8 times more than a poster or a banner.
Digital Signage is an advertising and informational content display system through digital screens, strategically positioned, inside stores or public places.

It is a sales tool, as the main aim is to attract new customers and increase sales at the same time maintaining existing clients. Digital Signage marks a new era of advertising promotion.

  • Video presentation

  • The projection of advertising messages attracts the customer's attention and appropriate marketing wins.
  • Direct Management

  • Projects are manageable via the Internet and editing content is very easy through a software management.
  • Technical Support

  • We provide technical support to our customers, either physicallyif needed or via Internet using remote control

Applicable DS

DS Menu boards


We recommend a modern presentation of your menu inside the store or in the shop window. The attractive digital menu and digital pricelist will attract the attention of your upcoming customers!

DS Real estate

Real Estates

Real estate agencies can use digital signage to promote all of the services they offer, which is often not just buying and selling real estate. Manage the delivery of your services with one click.



The projection information in the health sector is crucial. Whether informing doctors with detailed information on the network of hospital or patient access to clear information.



The transport sector, traditionally a pioneer in e-informations. Our aim on using the DS system, is to give the viewer/passenger information he wants without having to ask.

Video attracts people aattention by 8 times more than a poster or a banner.


the implementation of an advertising campaign features like:

  • Different content in each point of sale.
  • Changing the content multiple times during the day.
  • Immediate response to competition.
Advantages of Digital Signage
  • Innovating

    and dynamic way of updating for new arrivals and the opportunities of the moment.

  • Sales increase,

    direct sales and fast depreciation of buying cost.

  • Targeted

    product/services showcase.

  • Strong competitive advantage

    of advertisers, as in recent years make their appearance at increasingly mounting points on market.

  • Impresses

    your clients with modern, digitalized messages and videos.

  • Display

    advertising message to consumers that can not be easily accessed by other means.

  • Simultaneous

    satisfaction of their information needs, whenever they wish.

  • Replacing

    other, old fashioned promotional means (like flyers, posters etc) or combined use with other promotional means.

  • Easy and direct

    preview of a digital marketing message or video.

  • Reduce

    perceived customer waiting time.

Display Ideas

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